Do you provide liability insurance?

    Yes, the cost of which is included in the bar package pricing, along with the use of our liquor license.

    Do your bartenders wear a uniform?

    Our bartenders are attired in black pants and long sleeve black button-down shirts. In the summer for outdoor events, they may wear short sleeve black polos.

    Can I add a liquor not shown in the package I choose?

    Of course! We know that sometimes a relative or wedding party may prefer a particular liquor. This can be purchased through us at an additional cost.

    Why do I have to call for pricing?

    Pricing for all of our packages is dependent on the venue that you have chosen. Please contact us for pricing sheets for the different venues.

    How do I book your services?

    Once you have narrowed down your venue options, you may call or email to request our pricing sheets. After you have secured your date with the venue, give us a call to prepare your contract. As soon as we receive the contract and non-refundable deposit, your date will be secured.

    What does it mean that “liquors are at your discretion”?

    As we all experienced these past couple of years, occasionally our distributors may not have what we need in stock. When that happens, we do our best to replace with a comparably priced similar product.

    Do you have children pricing?

    We do not charge for children under the age of 5. Anyone older than 6 will be considered a guest. We want to keep our prices as budget-friendly as possible and have found that the non-drinking and drinking guests help to balance out the pricing.

    Why can’t I have a drink “neat”?

    Due to our liquor liability insurance, we are not allowed to serve any shots or liquor neat (without ice). It is at our bartender’s discretion if they will serve drinks on the rocks.

    Can we bring in our own liquor/beer?

    Due to our liquor liability insurance, no outside liquors will be allowed during the operating hours of the bar. If unauthorized liquor/beer is found, the bar will be shut down until the situation has been handled. We reserve the right to confiscate any outside liquors.

    Can I substitute liquors/beer?

    Our packages have been carefully curated to appeal to the majority of guests. We do not allow substitutions, but will gladly discuss any additional liquors/beer for a cost.

    Can I have signature drinks?

    We love signature drinks! We allow up to 2 signature drinks at no additional cost as long as the ingredients (liquor/mixer/bar fruit) are included in the bar package you have chosen. If you would prefer a signature drink with something not included in the package you have chosen, there will be an additional cost. We do require advanced notice/approval to ensure that we are prepared. We request that you provide 2 frames (no smaller than 5×7 and no larger than 8×10) that lists the name and ingredients of your signature